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Security Guard Training Services Inc 




Security Guard Training Services Inc. is an approved British Columbia and Alberta Security Programs Accredited Training Provider.  


Looking to become a Security Guard or Private Investigator? 


Security Guard Training Services Inc. has the courses you need to pass your Security Guard License or Private Investigator License Exam. 


Need Use of Force Training?  


We also provide handcuffing certification / re-certification & handcuffing and baton certification, and re-certification. 

For more information on these courses visit our handcuffing page link or contact us directly using our contact form.  


From accredited online learning courses that you can help you improve your knowledge and education.

Or attend our Security Training Academy School in class and earn your Basic handcuffing certification or Handcuffing and Baton certification.


We offer a variety of ways for you to learn and excel in your carrier path as a security officer in Alberta, British Columbia, and many other provinces in Canada.


Most importantly we are here to help you succeed, and we are here to offer you support and guidance along the way when and if you need it. 

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The President, owner of the company and instructor's background. 


An approved Justice Institute of British Columbia Basic Security Training Instructor (BST), (AST) Advanced Security Training Instructo.    

ASP Tactical Handcuff and Baton Instructor, CPO Certified Protections Officer, Executive protections Instructor, provincially recognized Use of Force Instructor,  

Certified C.O.B.R.A. Self-Defense Instructor. Accredited Investigator training course instructor.  


Being in the private security industry for over 35 years, Sheldon is also a licensed security professional in British Columbia, and the province of Alberta.


Sheldon is also a licensed Security Consultant, Private Investigator, Workplace Incident Investigation, and has completed security training and education acquired over many years that provides a great understanding and knowledge of how the security industry and how it works, the job descriptions and requirements in many areas of the security industry and type of working environments. 


Certified Defensive Tactics Threat Pattern Recognition Instructor, PPCT Pressure Point Control Tactics Certified Instructor,

Certified Peerless Handcuffing Instructor.


Sheldon Martin has also been in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and sworn in as a Police Constable in the province of British Columbia.

Has taken the CEPTED Crime Prevention Through Enviromental Design, Train the Trainer, and further policing related training.

Also volunteering his time with the Crime Stoppers program and being an active volunteer within his community.  


Due to being involved in a serious motor vehicle accident, then having to face cancer policing had no longer been a carrier option.

I have the up most respect for those who all serve in law enforcement and any other carrier that protects the life, liberty and security, and peace of Canada.  


Sheldon the owner of the company is very passionate in helping others succeed in the security industry and law enforcement, as well being a part of his community and doing his part in keeping it safe any way he is able to play a proactive role within his community to help. 


My mission is "Training Those Who Protect Us", and I believe "Training and ongoing Training Save Lives"


Classes are available for Security Companies, Bylaw Enforcement, Peace Officers,

and Law Enforcement agencies. 


My passion is to offer the best Security Training that I am able to offer through instructional platforms and offering online courses, but also in person training, realistic scenarios, for an evolving society we work in and live in. 


Currently we will be offering courses in Millet, Drayton Valley, Leduc, Pokano, Wetaskiwin and surrounding areas. 


Contact us using our contact page form if you have any questions, thank you.